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Begin the Wireless Setup
With These Devices

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Part 2

1.) Setup a Wireless Home Network Intro

2.) Devices needed for the Wireless Setup (You are here)

3.) Wireless Physical Setup

4.) Configuring your home or business wireless router

5.) Configuring your Operating System:

This article will show you what devices you will need for the wireless setup.

The two most important devices on your home wireless network are the:

1.) Wireless Router

2.) Wireless Access Point

The great thing is that depending on your setup, you can convert a wireless router to a wireless access point.

Routers and Access Points

Wireless Routers
If you set up a home wired network, then you can add a Wireless Router to add wireless capability. This is a great way to allow your laptop and printer to connect to your home network without any wires.

Wireless Network Adapters

Wireless networking is based on radio signals. In order for your desktop or laptop to connect to the wireless network, it needs a wireless network adapter. All new laptops come with a built-in wireless adapter. Once you turn on your laptop, you can connect to your home wireless network and your "Online".

Today, most non-PC devices such as phones, printers and gaming consoles bring the wireless networking capabilities. They have their own version of a built-in wireless network adapter.


If your home desktop computer does not have wireless capability, then you can purchase a USB wireless adapter or PCI wireless adapter. I recommend you choose a USB adapter over the PCI adapter. With a USB adapter you can just plug and play. With the PCI adapter you would have to open your computers case to install it.


If you have a laptop that does not have wireless capabilities, then you can install a USB wireless adapter or a PCMCIA wireless card.

Check out these Wireless Network Adapters
Wireless Adapters

The USB wireless adapter can be mistaken by a USB flash drive. They are both similar in size. Usually the USB wireless adapter has some lights on the outside that flicker to show network connectivity.

Now you can move your computer or laptop anywhere in your home with a wireless network adapter.

If you need to install the USB wireless adapter, you will need the Setup CD that came with the device. If you lost this CD you can go to the manufacturers website and search for the model of the adapter. All manufacturers offer the installation guide and drivers for all their products on their website.

The wireless network setup that you choose will depend on what devices you need. If your laptop or desktop has wireless capabilities then you will be able to connect to any Wifi network in range.

Public places like McDonalds, Starbucks and your airport will allow you to connect and start surfing the "Net".

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