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Learn computer networking basics with easy tutorials

"There's nothing those IT guys have that you can't gain as far as knowledge because they all started just like you, at the basics of computer networking"

Fix any Windows Error and optimize your System!

Start in this page and learn computer networking basicsIf networking is new to you or you're looking to jump start your IT career, these guides will help you learn at your own pace.

If something seems complicated at first dont get frustrated or overwhelmed, just take a break and process it slowly.

Just by learning the basics you will:

  • Save money on pc/network repairs that otherwise would cost you hundreds
  • Start earning extra money repairing IT issues part-time
  • Build a clientele that does not stop growing
  • Have spare time to do other stuff you enjoy
  • Confidently take on difficult repairs (more money)
  • Pay for your own expenses including college

I recommend to follow these guides in order to ensure you learn the fundamentals of networking. Establishing a foundation is key to ensure you understand these example tutorials later on:

  • Build your own home wireless network
  • How to remote desktop
  • What is VPN? and how-to VPN
  • How-to install a wireless printer
  • What is a wireless router? and how to install a wireless router
  • and like they say many many more!

You will notice that the site is designed to help you navigate smoothly through the basics of computer networking tutorials and eventually you can continue on to the other advance sections.

You will learn the fundamentals of computer networking with diagrams to follow along to understand the network and the various network components. Just remember this site is here to help you gain the knowledge that your IT guy possess when fixing those simple issues.

These computer networking basics will help you gain that powerful knowledge.

Quick advise for success

  1. Don't get overwhelmed by information. Take a deep breath and relax. Stay focused and keep learning at your own pace.
  2. Those who work hard and are dedicated will always reach their goals!
  3. This knowledge of the basics will benefit you more than you can imagine. Keep going...

In my experience what helps me succeed in anything in life is a simple concept:

I never give up and I keep at it. While the other guy is sleeping or eating I am working and learning. Try to separate yourself from the normal routine that others rely on. You will have a huge advantage come interview time.

Always keep learning and focus your mind to that next goal. I often listen to self help audio books that help expand my knowledge as I'm driving anywhere.

If you want to learn about how to buy the correct computer and basic computer maintenance tips, go to

OK, enough of the pep talk.....Lets BEGIN!!!

Computer Networking Basics
Start here....

1.) What is networking?

2.) Computer LAN network

3.) Network Topologies

4.) What is the Internet?

5.) What is an Intranet?

6.) Ethernet Tutorial

7.) Wireless Networking Basics

8.) OSI Model

9.) Network Protocols

10.) IP Addressing Tutorial

11.) What is a Firewall?

Write your own Tutorial!

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