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Windows Vista Wireless Network Adapter Configuration

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In this tutorial let's learn how to configure the Windows Vista wireless network adapter.

The wireless network setup is easier in Windows Vista than in Windows XP. In Vista you can detect a non-broadcasting wireless network (hidden SSID).

Most laptops bring a built-in wireless adapter. In case that your computer did not then you can buy a USB wireless adapter which can be used in a desktop as well as a laptop.

Use this quick tutorial on how to install a network driver in Vista.

Before you can connect to your home wireless network, you will need to verify that the wireless adapter driver is installed correctly. Follow this quick tutorial on how to check the wireless adapter driver status in Windows Vista.

1.) Configure TCP/IP Settings for your Vista Wireless Network Adapter

In order for your computer to connect to your home wireless network, it will need TCP/IP settings configured. These settings include an available IP address, a subnet mask, gateway and DNS settings.

Follow this tutorial on how to configure IP settings in Windows Vista.

If your router is configured with DHCP then set your wireless adapter's TCP/IP settings to Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically.

2.) Using WLAN AutoConfig service in Windows Vista

Similar to the Wireless Zero Configuration service in Windows XP, Vista uses WLAN AutoConfig service. This service helps Vista detect a wireless network and help you connect to it.

I like to use this service when connecting a Vista computer to my home wireless network.

You have the choice between using WLAN AutoConfig or the wireless utility that was provided with your wireless adapter.

3.) Connect to a Wireless Network in Windows Vista

To connect to a wireless network is very simple. You can use Windows Vista's Connect to feature to detect an available wireless network in range. This will allow you to save the wireless network profile so your computer can connect to it automatically next time you turn your computer on.

You can either use Vista's Connect to feature or create a wireless network profile manually. Click on which one you want to configure.

After you connect your computer to your home wireless network then you can choose a network location type which will automatically set the appropriate firewall and security settings.

To learn more about which network location type is right for your situation, then check out this page on network location type.

Computer Name and Workgroup setup in Windows Vista

Your wireless network setup is almost done. Now that you are connected to a wireless network, you can assign a computer name and workgroup. This way you can identify your computers on your network and start sharing files and folders. Use this tutorial on how to set up computer name and workgroup.

Follow this tutorial on how to set up simple file sharing.

Also password protected file sharing is covered in this article.

Learn how to share your printer on your home network.

Your wireless network setup is done....

Have Fun!

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