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Database Administrator

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A Database Administrator is essential when it comes to the Internet and e-commerce.

All the information and data that allows the Internet and every industry to function are stored in their own database.

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Without a database, how can organizations function and stay organized with inventory, financial records and customer information?

Imagine this, you buy a product online and at the end of the transaction you get a message saying we are short on inventory after they charged your card? Unacceptable...

Or how about your bank account balances and personal information being lost because of no database to hold and retrieve this information. Impossible!

A database admin designs, organizes and manages these databases using special software such as Microsoft SQL and Oracle.

Job Description and Duties

A database administrator has to ensure the data is always secure and restricted from unauthorized access. Can you imagine a hacker accessing financial records from a major company’s database? Some of the duties they have are:

  • Store and organize data using special software
  • Troubleshoot any database problems as they arise
  • Implement and maintain a disaster recovery system
  • Maintain a backup strategy system for the database
  • Develop, implement and maintain security policies and procedures for ensuring data integrity
  • Ensures database performance is acceptable
  • Merge old databases with new ones

In simple terms, make sure the database and its data is accessible at all times to ensure the company can conduct business and become profitable. If a database is down and can't be accessed, the company is losing money and more importantly their customers.

Because databases are often very sensitive, you must be able to concentrate and pay close attention to detail. Often, you will work with complex financial data and inventory information.

Database Administrator Salary

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the average median salary was $73,490 in May 2010.

Job Growth - Employment is projected to grow 31 percent from 2010 – 2020.

Education – A bachelor’s degree in an information or computer related subject is desired. Experience in computer networking is important and of course network and database certifications will make you a high prospect.

Stand out from the crowd and Succeed!

My recommendation is you really consider going to college and earn a Bachelor’s degree in a network related subject. Just like all the other careers, certifications are your best friend and will separate you from every other candidate.

Most database certs are vendor specific. You will want to earn a certification that is specific to what you’re interested in. If Oracle interest you, then try their three-tier path:

1.) Oracle Certified Associate (OCA)

2.) Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)

3.) Oracle Certified Master (OCM)

The more advance certifications you earn, the bigger your salary!

If Microsoft interest you more, then you look into these certs:

1.) MCITP: Database Admin 2008

2.) MCSA for SQL Server 2012

3.) MCSE Data Platform for SQL Server 2012

If you already earned an MCITP: Database Admin 2008 certification, then you can do an upgrade path and earn your MCSA for SQL Server 2012 and move on to the MCSE Data Platform for SQL Server 2012.

As you can tell by now, certifications are a must if you want to succeed in any computer networking career. The great accomplishment and pride you will feel when earning any certification is enough to motivate you to keep on learning. As you gain more experience on the job, these certifications become easier.

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