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A day in the life of a Computer Network Technician

Fix any Windows Error and optimize your System!

 computer network technician or sometimes called a network support technician is usually the person under the network administrator.

This person provides technical assistance to computer users which is why sometimes this job can be listed as a desktop support technician.

Job Description

You will likely spend most of your time at a computer workstation remotely assisting users with IT related issues. You will also respond to phone and email requests for assistance. When you’re not at your desk, you will travel to a customer's location to troubleshoot network problems on-site or off-site.

Usually the computer network technician will handle basic troubleshooting tasks. These tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Installing and testing new software
  • Assisting customers with e-mail related issues
  • Computer hardware and software installation and repairs
  • Imaging machines
  • Running backups on servers or workstations
  • Removal of virus/malware
  • Troubleshooting printer issues
  • Test network connectivity
  • Run network cables
  • Troubleshoot LAN and WAN problems

This job is perfect for those of you who are just starting in the IT field. There is a great satisfaction when you assist customers and make their day.

Meanwhile you work during the day repairing network and computer issues, why not do it part-time after work and in the weekends.

  • A typical installation of Windows can last up to 1 hour and you can easily charge $100.
  • Installation of a home wireless router can go for $50 and take about 30 mins.
  • Installation of RAM can go for $30 and this can take only 15 mins.
  • Installation of a home network printer can be done in 30 mins and charged at $30.

As you can see, you can easily earn extra income on your off time from work and help pay for college and other expenses.

Here's a simple solution on how to start your part-time computer business...

Earn $50 - $100 per hour part-time

Computer Network Technician Salary

The US Bureau of labor statistics reports that the average median salary in 2010 for this job was $46,260 per year or $22.24 per hour.

Job Growth - Employment is expected to grow 18 percent from 2010 – 2020.

Education - It is recommended to have a computer related Associates or Bachelor’s degree to begin a career as a computer network technician but not necessary. Many companies will hire you with a high school diploma and some basic certifications like Comptia’s A+ and Network + certifications.

Comptia A+ and Network + certification logo

Most companies will send you to training if needed. They usually will pay for this education so it is a win-win situation. Other companies might even provide tuition-assistance and reimbursement to allow you to continue your education.

Stand out from the crowd and Succeed!

For obvious reasons you should consider earning a degree in networking as this will separate you from a lot of other candidates. In my personal experience, I believe earning certifications will give you a huge advantage.

  • Certifications force you to learn the material deeply

  • Prove to yourself and the employer that you know your stuff

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This is why many companies would hire you with just an A+ for computer desktop support.

When you are hired, most companies will send you to training if needed. They usually will pay for this education so it is a win-win. Other companies might even provide tuition-assistance to allow you to continue your education.

There are many networking product vendors and software companies that offer certifications. These companies all have entry-level certifications as well as advance expert certifications. Companies like:

  • Comptia
  • Microsoft
  • Cisco
  • HP
  • Apple

Deeply consider continuing your education through college and certifications.

Set up your own network practice environment at home. Practice always makes perfect and you want to show confidence in your ability while you are performing your job.

Tips while on the job....

  • Pay close attention to and ask your customer questions as they describe their IT issues

  • Ask the customer to re-create the issue
  • Train your users on simple tasks that can avoid them repeated frustration
  • Walk customers through the problem-solving steps
  • Use process of elimination correctly (ex: check the monitor cable before replacing the monitor)

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