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How to Expand the Computer Network Using a Switch

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This video will show you how to expand the computer network using a basic switch. The best part is that it won't cost you much. You can find a basic 8 port switch at or similar electronics store for less than $25. This will allow you to add more computers to your home network or business network without spending lots of money on a network specialist or equipment.

Enjoy the video!

Remember, although you can just connect your computers to the wireless, if you use an Ethernet cable instead of using wireless you will have a tremendous increase in speed. This comes in handy when you need a lot of bandwidth for a server or to download faster.

You can also expand your computer networkby running an ethernet cable from one room to another side of your home or office where the wireless signals don't reach.

You can always add a wireless repeater to the center of your home/office to expand the wireless signal if you don't want to run cables.

A switch is a simple device which will allow you to just power on and start connecting your computers to it. All your computers that connect to it will be able to communicate with each other if their IP settings are correctly in the same subnet.

If you connect a DHCP server to the switch then every device that connects to that switch will automatically grab an IP address and communicate with each other. Most likely your home router is running the DHCP service, so if you simply connect your home router to the switch then you just added a DHCP server that can ensure all the devices can communicate on the same network.

Make sure your computers are set to "Obtain an IP Address automatically"

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